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Kansas City June, 5th

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As seen on FOX News, Huffington Post, Westword, the Marijuana Business Academy has trained thousands of entrepreneurs turning ideas into successful businesses. Offering business consulting, training, legal services, webinars, boot camps, seminars and live streaming to help you reach your goals in the cannabis markets. The academy helps those with an entrepreneurial spirit profit in the cannabis industry.
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How to Industrial Hemp

Hemp is back. With the passage of the Farm Bill, a revolution has begun in the cultivation, research and development of American grown hemp. Learn how you can take advantage of the new hemp markets. Experts suggest that the U.S. market for hemp is around $500 million per year.

How to Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is now legal in 24 states. Learn about the marijuana business models and how you can start your own business today with sales, cultivation, testing, infusion and ancillary markets. Consumers purchased $370 million worth of cannabis products in 2014 in Colorado and Washington.

The Business of Cannabis

Marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the US. Sales of American grown cannabis in 2015 reached $2.7B. The projected market in 2018 is over $36B. Learn the rules, regulations, and best business models for you. Start today and prepare your business for the age of cannabis.

Uptown Theater, Kansas City

Knowledge is power

To know is to overcome. Learn the rules, regulations, laws, application processes, seed to sale tracking, sales, cultivation, testing, infusion, records, packaging, labeling, advertising, discipline, retail vs. medical, THC vs CBD.

The Business of Hemp

Hemp arrived in Colonial America with the Puritans. Today, Hemp is again being grown by US Farmers for food, fuel, strategic fiber, hempcrete, plastics, insulation, beers, nutritional needs, as a 'mop crop', animal bedding and weed control.

The Business of Marijuana

Medical Cannabis was listed in the US Pharmacopoeia until the 1940's. Today, 24 states and D.C. have passed Medical Marijuana laws. 4 states and DC have legalized cannabis for adult use. Cannabis is business.

The After Party

Celebrate the End of Prohibition with award winning fashion designers and Colorado Cannabis Comedians. Featuring BMAV Hemp Fashion Show and the Comedy Quartet, The Thompson Boys.

The End Of


It's time. 24 States and the District of Columbia have passed medical marijuana laws. 4 states have recreational marijuana laws. In 2014 the passage of the Farm Bill opened up legal hemp farming in the U.S. for the first time in almost a century.

“marijuana industry could be more valuable than the entire organic food industry.”
Huffington Post, 2015


The MMJBA offers comprehensive step-by-step training platforms covering critical topics: qualification process, state applications, seed to sale tracking, medicine and money, retail & cultivation operations, choice of entity, commercial leasing, Marijuana insurance, banking, security requirements, inventory obligations, state filings, taxes, special allocations, federal tax issues, compliance and tracking, accounting, theft prevention, and essential tips to avoid failure and increase your chances of success.

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  • 8-9am: Welcome Reception
  • 9-9:15am: KC Stark, CEO Marijuana Business Academy
  • 9:15-9:30: Jeremy LaFavor, MO House Representative
  • 9:30-9:45am: John Payne, Executive Director, Show-Me Cannabis
  • Break
  • 10-10:45am: Charles T. Houghton, Esq., The Hemp Bills
  • 11-11:45am: The Business of Hemp
  • Break
  • 1-1:45pm The Medical Marijuana Markets
  • 2-2:45pm: The Medical Marijuana Business Models
  • 3:-3:45pm: The Ancillary Business Models
  • 4-4:20: Q&A: Ask the Experts
  • Break
  • 5-5:45pm Hemp Fashion Show, BMAV
  • 6-6:45pm: Cannabis Comedy, Thompson Boys
  • 7-9pm: After Party
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  • 7-8am: Vendor Check
  • 8-9am: Welcome Reception
  • 9-7:45pm: Seminar | Expo | Show
  • 10' x 10' Vendor Booth
  • 2 Business Passes
  • Full Access to Seminar
  • Full Access to Hemp Fashion Show
  • Full Access to Cannabis Comedy Show
  • 7-9pm: After Party
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Coined by the media as the "Steve Jobs of Cannabis" KC has successfully trained 1,000s of marijuana entrepreneurs on how to master marijuana business models and market opportunities. Experienced. Proven. Trusted.

KC Stark

Reknowned, Canna Business Attorney, Charles provides business, compliance, licensing and regulatory advice to the hemp, recreational and medical marijuana industry. Host of his own show .

Charles T. Houghton, Esq.

Show-Me Cannabis Regulation’s board of directors. Eastern Missouri Campaign Manager during the 2012 campaign. In addition to his duties at Show-Me Cannabis Regulation, John serves on the Board of Directors of Alumni for Liberty.

John Payne

Jeremy LaFaver, member of the Missouri House of Representatives, representing District 25. Rep. LaFaver will speak about the needs of civic leaders and American entrepreneurs. Working together to create responsible cannabis legislation.

Rep. Jeremy LaFaver

Seminar | Expo | Show

  • How To Seminar | Business Expo

    Join us in Kansas City at the historic Uptown Theater on 3700 Broadway. Learn the rules, regulations, markets, and business models. Welcome reception, meet movers, shakers, leaders. Understand the cannabis and hemp business models. Learn about the latest changes that are happening across the country. Laws and regulating hemp and cannabis are changing America. It's creating new jobs, technologies, textiles, medicines, treatments, nutritional food sources, and providing American farmers and entrepreneurs new opportunities.

  • Hemp Fashion Show | Cannabis Comedy

    Blackberry Maverick is a contemporary women’s apparel brand that “Takes the Retro Woman to the Edge” by merging the classic Betty with the unpredictable Fox. The Colorado-based brand, Blackberry Maverick just released its “Stormy Sweets” line.

    If laughter is the best medicine, the doctors are in. If you don't know, you better ask somebody. Enjoy Colorado Cannabis Quartet "Thompson Boys" featuring: Ben Verbeck, Charley McMullen, John Brown and Casey Dean Frase.


Can't make the event? Take the first step and join our monthly how-to cannabis market webinars. Take an informative and exciting 30-min. journey into the ever-changing 'marijuana matrix.'. Only $9.99 per month.

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